How do I clear items from the grid?
    You can remove a single item from the container by moving it back to the tray or to an invalid location, or you can remove all items from the container by shaking your device --- that will cause all items to return to the tray in their original orientation.

I am really enjoying Jam Packed! How can I get more levels?
    We will be releasing "Add On" packs for Jam Packed! Some will be for sale, some will be free, some will be cross promoted with our other products, and some will be created by people just like you. See the Make $$$ tab for information on how you can become a level creator.

I am stumped on level (fill in the blank). Is there a solution?
    Yes, every level has a solution. If you are truly stumped on a level and can not bear the thought of not solving it, you can email us at with the level you are stumped on, and we can provide the solution. In our opinion, it is more fun to discover the solution than to be given the solution, but we do know it can be very frustrating.

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