Jam Packed! is an addictive new puzzle game for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You must drag all items presented to you in each level into a container that holds them. The catch is that there is exactly enough space to hold all the items on each level, and only if they are put in the container the right way.

Simple concept, lots of fun.

With over 100 levels included to challenge you, and more available to download through Add On packs, Jam Packed! will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Play Tips:
  • It is generally best to put the biggest items in the container first
  • Look for items that when put next to each other form easier shapes to deal with. The mind can place rectangular shapes much easier than odd shapes
  • On levels that allow rotations, try putting as many items in the level without rotation as you can before rotating
  • To start a level over, simply shake your device back and forth a bit, and all the items will return to the tray in their original orientation

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